Transgenders Street Performance in the Heart of the City

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Portrait of Transgenders

My eyes are always on the streets — when I’m driving, walking or shopping. This time I saw transgenders dancing in Gurgaon on the local songs of Haryana.

A sane person would ignore this and move on, probably. I decided to stop and see if I can shoot a video or take some photos.

Transgenders Dance

I parked my car and went to them. By the time I arrived, it took me 5 min to find safe place for my car to not get towed, the show was over.

The local DJ was still there. ☺

I asked him, “where are those Trans Women who were dancing.”

“They’ve gone, sir.” He said looking at my camera.

“Can you call them if they’ve not gone far.” I asked, hoping I at least get some portraits.

Portrait of Transgenders

He was very suspicious, why I want to take photo, why am I here, what exactly is my agenda etc..

I assured him, “I won’t do any harm, buddy. I generally take photos on the street and photography is my hobby.”

Portrait of Transgenders

Well, he finally called them.. you’ve already looked the photos in the post. Share with your friends and people you know. These guys are also very friendly, by the way.

Transgenders in Gurgaon

I decided to do more stories with transgender men and women. These humans are most ignored people of the society — possibly, I contribute to their cause.

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