Shopkeepers at Tibetan market in Gurgaon

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Tibetan Market

Tibetan market is one of the major attractions in North India for shopping woolen clothing — sweaters, jackets, shoes, gloves, t-shirts etc. I read numerous articles talking about the shoppers and their shopping experience at the market. So, I decided to add a new dimension — talk to the shopkeepers and their experience this time.

Refugee Market
Tibetan Market

“I’ve been coming to Gurgaon for the past 4 years. Last year the business was not good due to demonetization. We were not fully ready with digital payments and people didn’t have changes of lower denominations. We expect to do good this year,” said one of the ladies while arranging her merchandises.

I was wondering about their stay at the make-shift market.

“We’ve a common kitchen where we cook for everyone. We’ve got a temporary location for 3 months to stay here and take care of kids,” the lady who told me sounded worried but compromising for the business sake.

Tibetan Market

I wanted to take few portraits. Initially, they were hesitant, but then they got into lighter mood.

“Take her photos – she keeps taking selfies on her mobile,” the lady was indeed the most jovial in the market.

Tibetan Market

Since it was early morning on the weekday – I was lucky that they were not very busy and were able to spare some time with me,

Well, I took photos, shared some light moments and moved on. I wanted to visit them again to interview few men, but my busy work schedule didn’t let me!

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