Street performer in Saigon, Vietnam

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Street performer in Saigon Vietnam

If you’re a traveller, you can’t miss Vietnam streets. Vibrant, jovial and full of life. People may not be very rich, but they are very happy.

I was walking past the street late night when I spotted the street performer playing his violin. Usually, I’ve seen street performers work for their breads and looking at the crowd to pay for the performance. This fellow was completely taken away by his music.. without bothering whether anyone noticed him or not.

It was extremely low light at around 11:30 pm. But I can’t stop myself taking the picture. Had to bump-up the ISO of my DSLR to get acceptable exposure. The photo was noisy which got easily fixed in Lightroom. The result isn’t bad. What do you feel?

Keep coming. I’ve lot of stories for you.

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