Raahgiri in Gurgaon: photos and stories

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Portrait of a man with white mustache

Reclaim your roads, Raahgiri is back in Gurgaon. Raahgiri is one of the public events, which Gurgaon people always look forward to, with a great enthusiasm. As a street photographer, this remains in my mind to feature people and their stories.

Happy kids at Raahgiri in Gurgaon

Largely, the event is organised by Haryana Government and sponsors to promote outdoor activities, road safety and walk, run, cycle, exercise on the roads.

A man jogging at Raahgiri in Gurgaon

I saw lots of people participating in recreational activities. What I also witnessed is plenty of people came just to observe what is going on. All in all, good urban crowd and worth sharing here on Portrait of Humans.

Portrait of a man with white mustache

“I’ve grown these mustache since my high school. Barring couple of occasions, I never cut them. I like when people appreciate and notice it.”

Portrait of a man explaining road safety

“I’m from road safety awareness group. We promote road safety and measures taken to prevent accidents. We partner any street or road events to promote this government agenda.”

Zumba dancer at Raahgiri in Gurgaon

I did not get an opportunity to speak to the performer on the stage. Her energy and enthusiasm is worth a mention here. She was able to bind every Raahgiri participants and helped pulling the crowd.

Kids riding on cycle at Raahgiri in Gurgaon

Overall, two hours of event is worth spending time. Kudos to the organizers, who are not only spreading message to reclaim the roads, but also entertaining the city.

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