Published photography books and articles

This is catalog of my published photography books and photojournalist articles in magazines.


1. Street Portrait Photography

This is a crisp book to make you a confident and professional street photographers. I’ve explained tips and tricks of Street Photography, apart from the key photography concepts like Composition, Exposure and Techniques of photography.


Additionally, I’ll walk you through the ethics and legality of street photography — since you’ld be mostly shooting strangers in the public places.

Lastly, I’ll guide you how to edit you crafts to convert it into stunning photos and showcase it to the whole world.

Enjoy reading and let me know on my Instagram (@i.ranjan) how did you leveraged these concepts.

The book is bestselling, almost everyday, since I published it. I’ll write a separate post on how to publish a bestselling photography book on Amazon Kindle.

Will keep you posted on the progress of my next photography book!