Portrait of chhath puja devotees

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Chhath puja devotee

Chhath puja is celebrated in Bihar, UP and Nepal with a great zeal and devotion. Being a Bihari myself, I needed the portrait of a devotee for my portfolio and the story. This portrait required lots of juggling between my late hour work till 1:00am and ability to reach ghat early morning.

I managed somehow to reach to the ghat early morning when it was raining. So, my task was to protect camera, beat the dim light with high ISO and look for stunning devotees for the portrait. Thanks to my new buddy, Nikon D750, which has very good high ISO performance. So I bumped up the ISO to 2000 to take this portrait in a low light. Such a low light that you can barely see anyone’s face. I compromised on the grains and clarity of the picture, but the trade-off was to get the portrait.

It was important for me to get the picture, about bothering about the quality. Happy, that the quality isn’t too bad either.

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