International day for older persons

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It’s international day for elderly people today. Take a pause from the busy schedule and think of ageing family members around you. Are they attended well? Are they secured? Do they get physical and emotional support?

Old man in old delhi

We’re all, including me, culprits of modern lifestyle.. and not able to care much about ageing people needs at home or neighborhood.

I met two type of elder people in Gurgaon.. worth a mention here.

KR Market Bangalore photography

One, at an old age home managed by Ravi Kalra. Here, I met with few old men and women who earned well but now abandoned by their kids.

Second, I met the fellow (in the picture) in Banjara (nomads) make-shift colony. His sons and daughters live in the colony and he’s attended well — physically and emotionally.

What a contrast!

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