Creators of Gods

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Durga idol in making

These artists serve the Hindu culture’s major need — they are creator of the Gods whom we worship at home, in temples or in Pandals.

I got a chance to visit CR Park in Delhi last week. Spotted the clay artists, who come all the way from Kolkata to Delhi during Durga Puja to craft the Durga, Kali and Ganpati idols.

Ganpati idol artist

The work on these statues start as early as three months before the Dusshera festivals. The set-up resembles Kumar Tuli in Kolkata, where large number of such Durga idols are created. Kumar Tuli is a major hub for creating idols and clay craftsmanship in India.

Ganpati idol in making

The exact venue is in the temple premises of Kali Bari in CR Park. Visit there to see these statues taking shapes. You’ll get mesmerized with the artist’s attention to detail in coloring and perfecting their art.

Ganpati idol makers

If you miss this year.. no worries. They visit every year. Block your calendar now!

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