Banjaras excited to see their photos printed in magazine

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Banjara market Gurgaon

There is a Banjaras (nomads) market spread in the heart of the city, Gurgaon. They seldom open-up to share their life with strangers. Photos? Impossible!

I got connected with these guys to publish their stories and challenges they face. Diwakar Gupta, who runs the free primary school helped me navigate their life.

People in Banjara market Gurgaon

They are extremely reserved. Rightly so, to avoid any threats with locals. With some difficulty, I was able to convince them to pose for photos. Well, I managed to get some candid photos for the article.

Last week, I visited their colony again to share the copy of the printed article. They were absolutely delighted to see the photos in prints.

Looking forward to more visits to these guys to unleash untold and unexplored stories.

Here is the published story:

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